FULLTRACE is a multifunctional system which allows to atumatically manage all situations in the medical field requiring safe identification and communication.

Aims and objectives

The most advanced system for active recognition of the patient and for monitoring blood transfusion

The technologies

To identify the patieent and blood unit, the device uses the barcode and the RFID technology.

Work Flow

System components

Tracer, Cradle, Communication Server

Strong points of the FULLTRACE

Patient safety

Innovative technology

Simplicity of integration

Eliminating of unnecessary "paperwork"

Ergonomic and multifunctional devices

User-friendly system

Risk and cost reduction

Consequences of an incorrect identification

The FULLTRACE system was invented as an answer to mistransfusion, in which the wrong blood bag is delivered to the incorrect patient- the major cause of patient death or various injuries.

The most critical element is patient identification at the bedside.

FULLTRACE is the ideal solution to meet the minimum safety requirements in the field of haemovigilance in line with the directives of the Ministry of Health in Poland and in Italy.